For great carpet prices in Gore

If you are after excellent carpet prices in Gore, Thompson Flooring First and Drapes Ltd will have all the answers.

We have built a reputation amongst the local community for providing high quality carpet at excellent prices. We are also known for our quality workmanship and ability to restore old carpets back to new.Our stores are locally owned by people who understand how important it is to have the widest possible range of flooring. From fine wool carpets to hard-wearing vinyls and immaculate wood veneers, you'll find exactly what you need at your local Flooring First store.
Excellent carpet prices in Gore

Prompt service 

Here at Thompson Flooring First and Drapes Ltd, we respect our customers. We don't like the idea of you waiting around all day for one of our team members to show up. This is why we ensure that all of our carpeting contractors are as organised as possible and always show up to your job on time. Here at Thompson Flooring First and Drapes Ltd we are more than just excellent carpet prices.
Removing and replacing carpet in Gore


Removing and replacing carpet in someone's home or office can be dangerous if not performed properly. We understand this at Thompson Flooring First and Drapes Ltd and ensure that our workers are all trained in safe work practices. This helps ensure that everyone involved in the carpet replacement in Gore can be guaranteed to be safe.
Family enjoying purchase made possible by low carpet prices in Gore

No mess behind

Once we have finished fitting your carpet at your home or office, you can rest assured that we will respect your property. There is nothing worse than tradesmen leaving rubbish on a worksite, so we ensure that your property is left clean and just as we found it. With a brand new carpet in place of course! Contact us today to see how we can help add value to your home.
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